Second home luxury Villa Resort at Wada near Mumbai – Megaa Meadowz

Second home luxury Villa Resort at Wada near Mumbai – Megaa Meadowz
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Luxury Second Home to relax body and mind

Homes are where our hearts live, where the feet may leave, but the soul never will.

It takes much to make a house a home – the memories, the stories, the laughter, the tears, each have a part to play  of their own! Buying a home is a dream we cherish, a commitment and a labour of love for us to look  back with pride as a testimony to our achievements.

Many times, having one home is simply not enough. We dream of owning a second home away from home, set in scenic pastures, filled with birdsong and fresh air, of the childish giggles and squeals of joy.

Our first homes are where we live everyday, where we script the stories of our lives- the struggles and the success. Our second home are heavens for rejuvenation and comfort. It is our escape and yet the grounding we need. It is our holidays, our vacation, those cosy weekends stolen away from the grueling marathon, we call life!

If you are one among those that seek the comfort of a second home, enter here to experience bliss and discover a rustic fairyland of joy, aptly named Megaa Meadowz

Megaa Meadowz : Located amid picturesque natural surroundings, your dream Second home at Megaa Meadowz is but a short drive of just 90 KM from Mumbai via the Mumbai – Ahmedabad Highway.

site location

Our Second Home Sets in pristine beauty and calm serenity, pulsates with rhythm set to the beat of the River Vaitarna. The scenic surrounding complements the soulful comfort offered within our second home, to provide you with holistic happiness that will have you coming back for more …and more….and more!

“Not 1,2,3…., We are the Architects of 80 Acres of happiness!!!”

Happiness is having what you want and wanting what you have! And at Megaa Meadowz second home, we ensure you have more than enough of it all.

We have over 80 beautiful acres that script picturesque comforts for you and your family. Combine that with farm fresh air, luxurious amenities, open spaces, lush greenery and you have the perfect recipe for relaxing holiday for you, your spouse and your children – each separate in what they want, but united in creating joyful memories to be long cherished.

“The Row House Reborn!!!”

Set apart from the rest, This second Home is definitely the best of the best. Imagine an island of privacy replete with its own pool for you and your family to enjoy the moments to bliss while soaking the stress away.

The house is over 3542 sq.ft tastefully decorated and fully furnished for you to move in, leaving cares and worries behind. Connected to the community and its amenities while offering you some time off for contemplative moments of privacy and sheer luxury, the 17th unit is indeed one of a kind, where you can enjoy the privacy of seclusion with the security of a neighborhood.

It is a place where memories can be private as made for two or as celebratory when you can invite a few.

“Amenity is Luxury measured in the quantity of quality”

 When talking about rejuvenation, the first thing that comes to mind are the facilities, that enables us to relax and soothe our nerves. Whether that be a relaxing swim or entertainment that fills us with adrenalin, a 40000 sq ft. club house comes fully loaded to ensure you have good time. Be it sports or a lifestyle spa or a pulsating disco, our second home comes customized to your specific taste just to ensure that special pampering, you and yours truly deserve!


  • Swimming Pool
  • Card Room
  • Game Room
  • Table Tennis
  • Snooker
  • Billiards
  • Lifestyle


Kids Play Area

  • Swings
  • Gymnasium
  • Jogging Tack
  • Steam and Message
  • Resort



  • Gazebo
  • Jain Temple
  • Pergola Sitting
  • Fountain
  • Sculpture
  • Viewing Deck


  • Mini Theater
  • Party room
  • Restaurant
  • Disco theque
  • Cyber Cafe

If you wish to visit our project for more information and details, do call me +91 9920812445 and we will get back to you with the details.

Project site address: Megga Meadowz, Mega Villa Project, NaneGaon, Shiwacha Pada, Wada, Thane

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